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0.pngfutureshapers offers a variety of training topics which are in some way, linked and also stand alone training. Corporate training is “tailor made” to suit the clients needs, sales force size and product range.


futureshapers training programs are designed to deliver information at a sophisticated and effective level, producing long lasting results in the areas of:

  • Presentation Skills… All presentations you deliver should be memorable.  The content should come alive through the skills of vocal variety, stagecraft, non-verbal communication and more, thus ensuring you deliver Presentations with Pizzazz.
  • Sales Training Skills… start with the end in view! Know your outcome and design HOW you will get from the present situation to a desired situation. Learn to speak the customer’s language and with these skills you will be planning for results.
  • Sales Territory Management… This system allows for a 100% coverage of the sales person’s territory within the designated timeframe. With this system the sales representative knows where they will be on any given day (and approximate time) and so does the manager! Reduce travelling time, unproductive calls, backtracking and know exactly what you are doing every day.
  • Negotiation Skills…  Win/win … Linked with “speaking the customer’s language”, this module also focusses on listening and understanding the customer and the language patterns, phraseology and non-verbal communication which is the key in getting to YES!
  • Teaching Skills… Today’s learners are more sophisticated and demanding than previous generations. Chalk and talk, death by powerpoint and reams of handouts are now in the past! In this module we explore visual communication and make “power points” LIVE. Learn how to utilise the senses to enhance learning and therefore, learn how to make Classroom Magic
  • Training and Teaching… with a similarity to the above, teaching skills, there is a demand for sophistication and greater understanding of the learner which goes beyond  standing behind a podium or lectern with notes. Learn the skills to develop to create a training that comes alive and you are in the participants head, not on their notepaper. KNow what stage anchoring is and why it is so advantageous, develop the use of a timeline to create greater understanding and get better results that are longer lasting. Learn to develop YOUR training style to be memorable, enjoyable and energetic
  • Communication Skills… How many times have you wondered if the person you have just been talking to even understood one word you said… and vice versa! Communicate with clarity and finesse. Eliminate confusing, vague and ambiguous language so that you become the communicater with clean, clear communication skills. develop your skills and embrace Communication with Clarity.
  • Goal Planning and Achievement… Within this learning you can experience not just goal setting, but rather TIMELINE planning! Set a timeline for work, home and your future.
  • Healing Hands, Healing Words… Practitioners of all modalities can now learn the skills of underpinning the client’s treatment with powerful words. The energy we have in the words we speak can enhance and support the healing, or it could be doing the exact opposite. Learn the skills to link to the neurology of your client and work with their mind as well as their body. This training is filled with NLP skills and Ericksonian languaging.0.png

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